TEFL Lessons Learned – teaching uniform

My uniform is always the same – a brown or grey Portman’s suit (purchased on sale in a previous life) with decent, but comfortable, shoes and a knit top or shirt. The shoes have to be comfortable – when things are busy I often find myself working at four different companies in a day, which entails a lot of walking to and from metro stations and up and down metro stairs.

Most of the guys at work also wear suits. Most of the girls don’t, which leaves me looking a bit dressy. We’re supposed to wear “business casual” but, as long as you stay away from jeans, runners or swimwear, you’ll be fine.

Even though it means I’m dressed more formally than most of my students, I prefer to stick to a suit (weather permitting – summer was shirt and skirt time). First, because I have suits here, so I might as well wear them. Second, because I’m one of the younger teachers here, I think I get a bit more respect if I look professional. Third, suits make me look like I know what I’m doing.

That’s not always the case, but let’s keep that between you and me. :p

For private students, I wear a suit for the first lesson. After that, if I go to class after my day-job, I continue to wear the suit. If not, things seem to grow progressively more casual – I’ve been teaching Sebastien, a former BTL student, privately since January and now I wear jeans with a nice top and shoes. I’ve been teaching Patrizio since September, and now I sometimes wear runners with my jeans – next step, pjs!

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