Modern day singles’ bars

No, I haven’t been trawling the streets of Paris for men; I just think I may have stumbled upon a new singles’ scene. If the following has happened to anyone else, please write in. I’m curious to see whether it’s a growing phenomenon.

On Wednesday I was changing trains at Nation and was riding up the escalator. I was thinking at the time, and I bite my lower lip when I think. As I was riding the escalator, I happened to make eye contact with a man who was descending on the escalator next to me, who mimicked me by biting his lower lip.

Having been doing this unconsciously, I released my lip.

He then grinned and waved.

I couldn’t help but smile, and continued on my merry way.

He called out “attends!” behind me.

I would normally consider this to be an isolated incident, but on Friday I happened to meet someone else due to our escalators crossing.

This time I was riding down the escalator from Quatre Temps (the shopping centre at La Défense) to the metro Grande Arche – La Défense. I stepped off the escalator and started walking through the small market stalls to the next one, when a man caught my eye.

“Vous êtes très belle,” he said.

I smiled, and continued walking.

He began speaking to me in French, to which I replied with my usual “I’m not French.”

“Oh, you’re not French!” he exclaimed in perfect English.

“No,” I smiled.

“I was just saying that I saw you on the escalator,” he told me. “I was going up as you were going down, and you were so beautiful that I had to come down again and talk to you.”

My smile widened to a grin. “Thank you, that’s very flattering.”

“Would you like to get a coffee and talk?” he asked, grinning and fidgeting – seeming barely able to contain his excitement.

I hesitated, but couldn’t think of a reason why not, so agreed.

Et pourquoi pas?

3 thoughts on “Modern day singles’ bars

    • What kind of a girl do you think I am?! :p
      No. At first I thought he might make a good friend, because the coffee and chat ended up being a lot of fun. But, after he’d asked for my number, he started asking if he could hold my hand, so I think you may be right about him wanting to charm me . . .

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