Happy Australia Day!

Okay, I know it was yesterday, so happy post-Australia Day!

Last night Mr Frog and I went to The Frog and Princess, where we drank two carafes of Australian cabernet, and every glass started with a toast to “Australie!” I felt very patriotic.

Afterwards we visited Les Deux Magots for a hot chocolate, which is now in the running to be the best hot chocolate in Paris . . . but more on that later.

So I leave Paris on February 26th and I’m opening the floor to you – what do you think I should do before I leave?

True, I am coming back a couple of times in my upcoming travels, but this is the last time I’ll be here for an extended period for who knows how long.

So, what should I do? If there’s anything on which you want the inside scoop, leave it in the comments and I’ll organise an outing and an entry before I leave.

4 thoughts on “Happy Australia Day!

  1. I think…relive all the best moments, and see all the places you’ll miss again, so you’ll leave with a good impression imprinted in your memory.

    And maybe try something new that you didn’t think of trying before…Like…Hot air ballooning near Paris…or to watch a play or ballet in a local theatre…Man i Really want to go Hot air ballooning…I want to have wine and cheese and the whole picnic thing up in a balloon in the sky, watching the sunset…ahh…maybe I’ll dream about that tonight.

    Did you manage to sort out the chair issue?

  2. What an awesome idea! I’m definitely going to look into hot air ballooning – it could be something nice to do when my parents are here.

    As for the chair, Multi-Affaires called me back the next day saying that there was a problem with the website, and they were going to fix it. It still hasn’t changed, so I haven’t been able to buy it yet . . . they must be losing so much business, because it’s been like that for over a week.

  3. Things you can do for free :
    Try the agricultural fair Porte de Versailles (19-27 of February) ! There you’ll see the genuine France : real farmers, real cows, real politicians. Ask your very advanced students : they’ll help you to get in easily.
    Visit a Palais de la République place d’Iéna (ask one of your very advanced students to organise the visit !).

    And not for free :
    Get a Paris-Brest from la Patisserie des rêves, 93 rue du Bac : really really delicious
    Va au théâtre (espace saint honoré par exemple : on paye au chapeau je crois) voir Mais ne t’promène donc pas toute nue : du classique français (Feydeau) normalement bien joué. Aucune importance si tu ne comprends pas tout.

    We’ll talk about it next week !

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