Following my new mantra . . .

In keeping with the feeling beautiful part of my mantra, yesterday I bought some nail polish at Charles de Gaulle – Étoile.

What I’d forgotten was that I’m not very good at manicures (hence I haven’t tried since high school), and finished with some rather messy, deep-red nails. And my landlady, Bénédicte, didn’t seem to have any nail polish remover, so I couldn’t clean them up.

Not to worry – today I bought some remover. As I had a late cancellation this afternoon, I planned to do a bit of beautifying – I ran myself a bath, played some soft music and put on a face mask. While I was in the bath, I cleaned my botched nail job and decided to try again.

This time I’d forgotten about my clumsiness.

I opened the nail polish, pulled out the brush, and proceeded to drop the full bottle into the bath! Purple clouds billowed into the water. I panicked, stood and pulled the plug.

The water drained, and both the bath and I were marbled in a brownish purple.

I’m not too worried about me – a few days of aggressive exfoliation should sort me out, and it’s winter so I’m covered up anyway.

The bath is giving me some strife. Nail polish remover didn’t work!

I have four to five hours until Bénédicte gets home – help!

3 thoughts on “Following my new mantra . . .

  1. Cleaning method:

    1. Repeatedly wipe at nail polish with nail-polish-remover-covered tissues. When this has no effect, start scratching at the nail polish on the tub.
    2. Squirt lemon cream cleaning liquid (generic brand) over all the nail polish. Leave for half an hour, then scrub with a hard brush before rinsing (very effective).
    3. Spray some sort of bathroom cleaning foam over the remaining nail polish (some slight grey areas and dark purple spots remaining). Leave for half an hour, then scrub with a hard brush (not effective at all).
    4. Squirt more lemon cream cleanser over the nail polish, and leave for an hour. Scrub one more time and rinse.

    Now, excluding a couple of small spots, the tub is spotless. Hopefully Bénédicte doesn’t notice, and the rest should chip off by itself over time.

    It’s strange that a nail polish that had already started chipping from my nails within 24 hours should stick so stubbornly to a bathtub . . .

  2. I hope the acetone from the nail polish remover didn’t eat off the finish from the tub…you probably need to clean the tub more often now than before…eek..

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