Screw poverty.

I’m sick of going out with friends and drinking water while they have wine. I’m sick of eating out and making my meal choices based on what I can cover with two restaurant tickets. I’m sick of feeling like I’m missing out on part of the Paris experience because I never go to cafés. I’m sick of being hungry but not wanting to spend my money on food.

Screw that.

I’m going to spend everything I have. I’m going to eat good food, see amazing things and buy presents and souvenirs. I don’t care if my funds run out before I’m finished. I’ll couchsurf. I’ll hitchhike if I have to (just don’t tell my dad).

I’ve realised that if I do only end up with €600 this month, I could live on that. €450 for rent, €95.50 for my Navigo . . . that leaves me with restaurant tickets for food and €50 spending money. That’s do-able – but what’s the point?

I know these are selfish problems, and that there are people who have far less than me, and that I should be grateful, but I just seem to want more. If I didn’t want to travel, I’d be fine.

But I do. I want things. I have an insatiable urge to travel. I love to eat. And I’d really like to have some beautiful things to take home.

So screw being poor. I’m going to start indulging in luxuries again. Who cares if I run out of money in the process?

I’ll get it back when I have a real job.



I had a new private student start today! After a two hour class I went for a walk and bought myself a chocolate eclair, so I’m feeling much better.

I’ve also decided that, if I have any money left when I come back to Paris before flying home, I’m going to go to a bakery and buy one of every cake. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Defiance

  1. I like this post. Even though it puts you on the fast-track to financial ruin lol, you do need to experience some of the finer things in life sometimes. I agree that you cab earn it all back once you start working full-time again 🙂

  2. Go you, but don’t get to the point where you’re sleeping on a park bench (seriously, you have people in your life who will gladly lend you money, moron – just ask for help when you need it and don’t try to so it alone).

    Enjoy Paris and your travelling and buy pretty things.

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