Blast from the past

In late June I was being interviewed for numerous TEFL positions. One of these was with a school called ICB.

When I arrived there were two or three people waiting outside the front door of the building, looking rather lost. An English guy and I started chatting about whether it was the right address and if we should try calling. Then we realised that, although the street number was above this door, the next door actually had ICB’s name and logo on the glass.

While we waited for the group interview to start, we talked about our respective experience – I’d just arrived in France and had no teaching experience, but had studied English at university as well as doing an online TEFL course. He’d been working in finance in Paris for six years and had lost his job in the economic crisis, and had been doing some private tuition since.

After the interview, we wished each other luck with the job, and went our separate ways.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw him as I walked to Pont de Neuilly metro station. I tried to make eye-contact, but he either didn’t see me or didn’t recognise me, so I didn’t go ahead with the approach.

And today, as I was walking home after my morning classes, we bumped into each other!

We shared an umbrella as we caught up on the past couple of months – he did get the job at ICB. Apparently the pay is also quite bad there and he’s only on a 60-hour a month contract, but he had already gotten a promotion (read, and extra €2 an hour).

“You know, I thought I saw you on the way to the metro a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

I laughed, “I know – I saw you but I wasn’t sure if you’d recognise me.”

“So are you living around here now?”

“Yeah, I actually live just on this street,” I motioned to the street behind us.

“Really? So do I! What number are you?”

“Number 3.”

“I’m 6.”

What are the odds?

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