Skeletons in the closet

Every Tuesday and Wednesday I visit Noisy-le-Grand to teach students at Groupama.

The office is huge, with several buildings attached by first-floor walkways which surround a large courtyard. This means that our students usually pick us up from reception and escort us back there after class.

Today Bruno, one of my elementary students, was walking me back to reception and he commented on how confusing the building was. I told him that, having been teaching there for over two months, I thought I was getting used to it.

“No, it’s very complicated,” he assured me, shaking his head. “Do you know that someone died?”

I gasped, “really?”

“Oh yes,” he nodded seriously. “They found the skeleton in one of the rooms.”

“No,” I grinned, knowing I’d been had.

“Yes,” he insisted, “it was a skeleton with a name-tag.”

I was so proud – he told a joke in English.

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