I resigned from my position at BTL today.

After doing my hours for the month and looking over the material for my next class, I approached Renée in the planning office. “Hi Renée, can I talk to you for a few minutes?”

“Of course Jolie. Would you like to do it in private?”

“Yes, that’d be good.”

Renée picked up a pen and notepad and we went to one of the class rooms.

She sat across from me and clicked her pen, “so Jolie, what did you want to talk about?”

“I’d like to resign,” I said brightly (on reflection, I probably used more enthusiasm than was necessary).

“Okay – may I ask why?”

“Well, last month I learned that my best friend is getting married in May, and I’d like to do some travelling before I’d go back home.”

“Okay. You do know that you need to give two months’ notice? So you would be leaving in February,” she noted the date in her book.

“Yes,” I nodded, “I was planning for the last Friday in February.”

“Okay, it’s good that you’re honouring that.” Renée smiled, and told me that she would send me an email covering all of the technicalities. “We’ll be sorry to lose you – when does your visa expire?”

“In June, and the wedding’s in May, so there’s no real point in me flying back from Australia to just work for a couple of weeks.”

“Ah yes, that’s a shame,” she took some more notes, “because you were planning to stay for the whole year, weren’t you?”

“Yeah . . . originally I thought I would stay for the year and travel a bit afterwards, but there’s now a limit on my time here, and I would like to see more of Europe before I go.”

“Mmm – it’s a bit difficult to travel with this job.”

We chatted for a little bit, and then she said something so lovely that it surprised me:

“You know, you’ve really grown since you’ve been here. You’ve gotten so much more confident.”

My confidence seems to come in waves – I was very confident in and immediately after London, but I think I lost some of that back home, and I definitely wasn’t in the best place when I arrived in Paris. It’s so nice to hear that it’s now coming back.

One thought on “Resignation

  1. Hi Pretty!

    It is sad that you want to leave France!
    And we will not see you again.

    I hope you enjoyed and get some experience in teaching!

    I understand you definitely…it isn’t easy to live hear,
    mentality and poeple are very strange sometimes.

    I used to live for 10 years, now!
    But, honestly it is very hard even to have french friend.

    Anayway, I’ll still pleased to meet you whether you have time.

    Meet at “Da défense” for an English movie? Or eat together…

    I hope you accept.

    Whish you have a nice day.

    Best regards


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