Irritation and (more) money concerns

I’m a bit annoyed with BTL.

When I resigned, Renée told me that BTL wouldn’t be giving me any new students, and that it was my job to try to get my current students to do more classes so they could finish by the time I left.

I get that – of course they don’t want to start new students with a teacher who will be leaving in another seven weeks (eek – I’d better start booking things!). But, excluding three students who were already finishing in January, the rest of my classes have between 18.5 and 57 hours left on their courses – there’s no way that they’ll be able to do all of that by the end of February. I’ve also floated the idea of extra classes to them, but most of my current classes are now group classes, it’s very difficult for them to organise a time when everyone’s free.

So I wasn’t expecting to get much work there. But I was hoping BTL would give me some intensives and replacement classes to tide me over.

No such luck – I went begging in the planning department last week and nothing’s come through.

This wouldn’t be so bad if BTL didn’t insist on a two-month notice period. I was budgeting for my trip based on having 80 hours of work in both January and February, which I doubt will be the case. Last week I had 11 hours. This week I have 11.5. Over the next two weeks I will have 13 and 9.5, making a grand total of 45 hours for the month.

This is less than I worked in July. So I can probably expect €600 for the month. Thank God for private students.

Basically, by writing a two-month notice period into our contracts and not giving us new classes, BTL is sentencing its teachers to two months of poverty before they finish.

And it’s not a great position to be in if you’re planning a trip around Europe immediately afterwards.

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