New job

So I have a new job.

No, I haven’t stopped teaching.

In summer, Renée forwarded an email from a former BTL teacher to the current BTL teachers – she knew someone who needed some help with a few hours of admin work a week, and said it might suit a teacher that needed to make extra money. I sent in my resumé, but never heard anything.

Yesterday, I received the reply: an email from Amanda, asking me to call her.

Flash forward to today: I finished my one BTL class for the day at 11:15 and didn’t have anything on until my private class at 3:00. So I decided to have a bath. I lathered on a green clay face mask while the water was running. I was about to hop in when my phone rang.

I ran to get it – it was Amanda. “Hull. . . ?” I answered, realising that my mask had stiffened and I could barely open my mouth.

“Hi Jolie? It’s Amanda,” she said as I frantically stretched my jaw to crack the clay.

“Hi,” I replied, sounding semi-normal.

We chatted about her situation, my abilities and my availabilities (as of next week I have Mondays and Thursdays off). “So, do you have any time this afternoon, or do you want to start next week?”

“I have a class at three, but I could meet you before then,” I said. We agreed to meet in an hour.

I took a marathon bath and jumped on the metro to Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre. Amanda ended up being a lovely American woman going through a divorce and needing help putting five years worth of bank statements into a spreadsheet.

Her apartment is beautiful – actually in the Palais Royal, the ceilings must have been at least twelve feet high. The rooms were large with moulded walls and hardwood floors and the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooked the enclosed gardens of the Palais (fact of the day– Philippe-Egalitié opened the garden to the public but forbade the police. It thus became a place of liberty where artists and intellectuals gathered). It may be the largest apartment I’ve ever seen in Paris – I didn’t know that people actually lived in places like that!

The work was really simple, so I’m not sure if she really needs someone, but she seemed to be happy with the amount we got done. I’m not complaining – with this work and my private students, it looks like I’ll do quite well this month after all.

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