TEFL Lessons Learned – earnings

I know this post is a bit behind the rest of the Lessons Learned series, but I wanted to wait until my February pay and holiday pay came through before posting.

What I earned in eight months of teaching English in France:


BTL –  

Net salary

Other Comments Monthly total
July €694.52 Summer €694.52
August €943.90 Summer, started advertising for private students €943.90
September €1291.63 €225 Patrizio, a private student, started €1516.93
October €1067.58 €110 One week on holiday and Patrizio also went away. Still advertising. €1177.58
November €1199.27 €125 Patrizio was away. Still advertising. €1324.27
December €1106.11 €40 One week on holiday and Patrizio was away. Still advertising. €1146.11
January €701.25 €670 BTL stopped giving me new classes. Patrizio was back and Sebastien, a new private student, started. Also did short term work – 15 hours of admin for American Amanda and two exam prep. sessions with Damien, a private student. €1371.25
February €320.16 €500 32  BTL hours (ouch), and Patrizio and Sebastien continued €850.16
Holiday Pay €990.36 Paid in full at the end of the year/contract €960.36
Total for eight months €9986.08
Average monthly salary €1248.14

Other gifts from students:

  • Drinks (tea, hot chocolate, a pineapple juice, water)
  • Biscuits
  • Various individual chocolates
  • 1 box of chocolates
  • 1 tub of moisturiser wrapped in red paper with gold ribbon
  • 2 French novels
  • 1 book of French idioms
  • A notebook (with horizontal lines!)
  • Countless pencils

If I add my February pay and holiday leave to the money I had when I left Paris, I finished with €2030.52 left for my trip, which works out to €29 a day.

I was hoping to have a little more but, as I’ve already paid for flights, everything I have can go towards trains, shelter, food and fun!










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