Christmas is coming!!!

Galeries Lafayette - Christmas lights

Until last week, the Neuilly bus station was carpeted with red and yellow stars as the trees lost their leaves.

These have been swept up. We are officially moving into winter – the trees on the Champs-Élysées are laced with white fairy lights. Street vendors are now selling roasted chestnuts instead of bottles of water. My supermarket has been overrun with festive food.

And, last week, the Christmas windows of the Grands Magasins were unveiled!

As BTL’s office is right near Printemps, I’ve been eagerly trying to see around the blinds covering the windows, and have been staring at the bon-bons and lights hanging over the street, wondering when they would light up. Now it’s happened – Christmas is officially underway!

For me, a real Christmas will always be a warm one in Australia with my family. But I must admit that Christmas in Paris builds anticipation like no other.

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