Unrequited love

The contract of a teacher I know is coming to a close. We’ve been debating whether or not she should ask out a student that she likes – apparently he’s very cute, and they’ve been flirting since the course began.

I wonder what I’d do if I liked one of my students . . . the drama of it all is definitely intriguing.

I’ve had two students whom I definitely found attractive. I only took them for replacement classes, so the ethical issues weren’t so relevant. :p

The first one was Guillaume of the Eric-Bana eyes.

I don’t remember the second one’s name (I must have suppressed the memory because it was so painful). When he came to get me, I think I may have gasped because he was so lovely.

Probably in his early to mid-thirties, he had greyed early and had thick silver hair. His eyes were an incredibly intense blue, shadowed by dark, expressive brows.

When he smiled, the crinkles around his eyes would deepen, and every time he smiled I found myself falling for him a little more. I wondered what his broad shoulders would feel like under my palms.

“So, how are you today?” I asked when we reached the meeting room and I had started unpacking my books.

“Oh, I am very tired today,” he said with a smile. “My husband is sick and I have been taking care of him.”

I blinked in confusion. Did he have the wrong word? “I’m sorry?” I asked.

“My boyfriend is ill,” he said.

Nope – it was the right word.

Every time he smiled from then on, I felt myself die a little inside.