Blogging Anonymity

In a bid to increase my readership, I put the address of this blog on my email signature. I’m starting to think it was a bad idea.

First, Camille, a girl who had a room near Maison Blanche, emailed me to thank me about all of the nice things I’d said about it (she’s lucky that her room was one of the ones I liked!).

Next, one of my room email enquiries was answered with:

Hello mysterious woman:

Autant écrire en Français, puisque vous êtes ici pour le français..

Je suis en vacances pour quelques jours je rentre à la fin de la semaine prochaine, si vous pouvez attendre et ainsi écrire notre rencontre dans votre site de votre vie parisienne… De même, si vous souhaitez découvrir quelques endroits parisien insolite… faites moi signe.

(Bad) translation:

Hello mysterious woman:

I will write in French, since you are here for your French.

I’m on holidays for a few days and I get back at the end of next week, if you can wait and so write about our meeting on your site about your Parisian life… The same if you want to discover some unusual Parisian places… Let me know.

. . . I wonder if he’ll be pleased about making it into the blog?

Then, on the weekend when I was looking for rooms, two of the gentlemen who showed me their rooms commented on the blog! They were both very nice about it – one of them said I was a good writer and the other one thought it was interesting to see Paris through the eyes of an outsider – but I’m a little anxious about losing my anonymity.

The problem is that I’m going to be writing a post that features these rooms and these men, and the knowledge that they might be reading it is making me consider whether I need to censor myself.

I think I’ll just assume that they both have fulfilling lives, and are too busy actually living them to regularly follow my blog :p

2 thoughts on “Blogging Anonymity

  1. I have a feeling they could be nosy or, rather curious type of men, than say…
    the usual “i don’t give a peanut” type that i’m used to :s

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